Who am I ?

I’m Hiruna Wijesinghe and I’m currently studying Bachelor of Computer Science (SBCs) at La Trobe University Australia.

Early Years

I always had the passion to play around with computers and electronic gadgets ever since I was a child. This passion built up as I grew up and by the time I was in Grade 5, I made my first computer program. It was a simple “Hello World” of course. Making such a simple Windows application in Visual Basic really got me interested in learning and exploring more of the language. I never stopped coding after that. For some reason it felt so natural to sit in front of a computer and write in a different language that the computer understood.

Over the years, I’ve built up my experience in writing Windows applications in Visual Basic. In 2014, I developed a fully functional integrated database stock management system for Techno Motors. It was more than what was required but the company really liked my work. I was very proud of myself as it was the largest piece of software I’ve ever built. Not only it managed the stock using a Microsoft Access database in the backend but it had features like request assistance, submit bugs, auto update the software as a new release is published and many other features.

University Life

As I started attending university in 2015, I was entering a whole new world of programming. On the first day, I was introduced into C. Even though I was exposed into C through Arduino, learning the language from scratch was a different experience. First few weeks of learning C was interesting but later on, I really missed interacting with a graphical user interface rather than interacting with the user through a console. Furthermore, the content that I was being taught felt too simple.

From the second semester onwards, I was undertaking Java subjects and C++ fundamentals. I was more comfortable with working Java and over time I became more fluent with the language.

Current Position

I’m currently undertaking an Internship as a part of the Industry Based Learning program.